ACADEMICS:  School needs:

Donate to Science, Technology, 
Engineering, and Math Development

Supporting students in their S.T.E.M. programming can be a challenge for any school. Ascension Christian is fortunate to have support from community partnerships that help advance student learning in S.T.E.M. fields. Your support will give students the opportunity to have access to more S.T.E.M. programming such as classes in robotics, computer science, and engineering. As well, students will be given the opportunity to compete against other schools in state and national competitions. All of these opportunities require equipment to support student learning. With funding, ACS will be able to further its activities in these areas. Thank you for your generous support today!







Donate to the ARTS

Supporting students in fine arts enables students to think creatively and develop relational skills through expression of a universal language. Visual and performing arts are offered at ACS and provide students with tremendous opportunity to grow and learn from some of the most gifted instructors. Your support of the arts gives students opportunity to gain access to materials and instruments to help them gain experience. Thank you for your generous support of the arts.



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