Ascension Christian High welcomes the opportunity to work with students from other countries. We believe diversity in the classroom aids in understanding God’s world.

Foreign students who wish to join the student body at Ascension Christian must agree to learn about Jesus Christ and have knowledge of the Bible.

Ascension Christian High is an approved SEVP school with the United States Justice Department’s Student Exchange and Visitor Program (SEVP). Students must be accepted for admission to Ascension Christian before a VISA can be issued. For more information on the SEVP click here.

Students must have a personal commitment to joining a private Christian school environment. Students will be required to take a placement test to assess whether their English and communication skills are adequate for the curriculum. These assessments will be done during a personal interview with the student prior to admission.

If you were to look at Ascension Christian High School on a map, it is located in Gonzales in south-central Louisiana.The school is in Ascension Parish with a population of over 112,000. The school is located 60 miles from the world famous city of Ascension Parish Pics14New Orleans and 15 minutes from Louisiana’s capital city, Baton Rouge.




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The people of Gonzales host the annual Jambalaya Festival. Ascension Parish PicsJambalaya is a popular rice dish made with chicken, sausage, or pork. There are many festivals in south Louisiana that attract people from around the world.

Ascension Parish Pics3One of the most famous festivals is Mardi Gras. It begins in January and continues through early March. The traditions of the local people along with their world-famous Cajun seafood makes south Louisiana a great choice for living and learning. The friendliness of Louisiana’s people is encouraging and supportive of foreign students. This provides a great opportunity for students to advance in their academics and resourcefulness.

The local agriculture includes sugar cane, cotton, soy beans, strawberries, and much more. Agriculture in south Louisiana provides many career opportunities. Also, the local oil and gas industry provides opportunities for career choices.

Sports is really big in south Louisiana. Many locals follow the World Champion New Orleans Saints football team and the National Champion LSU Tigers. On the local sports scene, Ascension Christian High School competes in many different sports. For more information see the sports section on our website.

In south Louisiana, there are lots of opportunities to experience the historical Louisiana culture. It includes many local and regional music festivals, such as the Louisiana Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans, and the Bayou Country Music Festival in Baton Rouge. The rich culture of Louisiana includes many historical sites including the world famous Antebellum Plantations. Ascension Parish Pics12

Of course, the Mississippi River provides tremendous resources and jobs opportunities for people in south Louisiana through the local shipping ports. Ascension Parish Pics11 The locals enjoy access to the Gulf of Mexico and the many rivers and lakes where fishing and hunting are big business and very popular.
For weekend relaxation, many people in south Louisiana travel to nearby Alabama and Florida where you will find some of the most beautiful, white sandy beaches in the world. Ascension Parish Pics4

Students who graduate from Ascension Christian High choose to attend Louisiana State University (LSU), Southeastern State University, Nicholls State University, River Parishes Community College, Baton Rouge Community College, one of the many technical schools in the area. All of these opportunities are located within 45 minutes of the school. Some foreign students attend universities in other states in the USA. The choice of which university to attend is up to the individual student.

Students will be admitted on an individual basis. Space is limited. Please call or email us for more information: 225-622-2800. You can email the admissions office at info@aclions.org