Ascension Christian High supports students with one on one planning, not only for their high school years, but in preparation for college, career, and life. Right up front the ACH school counselor meets with each student and their family to begin developing plans for the successful completion of high school with a focus on college or career readiness. Each student will complete an individual graduation plan that will include an orientation to the Louisiana T.O.P.S. scholarship requirements, college admission preparation and testing, scholarship opportunities, and career readiness opportunities. Students at ACH participate in numerous activities and events that we hope, leads to understanding the specific talents that God has given them. As well, students participate in numerous testing opportunities that may help them understand their gifts and talents and guide them to college or career readiness. Students who choose college may opt to take college classes on the ACH campus. Students who are preparing for careers right out of high school may choose technical school or a career training school. In any case, ACH is prepared to make the necessary connections to help every student find their place in God’s world. Each year, ACH schedules “Career Day” where every juniors and senior is required to spend a day with a mentor who works in their career field. This opportunity often provides students with clarity as they make decisions about their future.

The student is our priority and we make every effort to help them make the difficult decisions especially when it comes to growing up and becoming responsible young adults. As a Christian school we put countless hours in connecting with our students by talking to them about Christian values, character, work ethic, accountability, and responsibility. Every student is our focus! Every student is important!