Ascension Christian is the first, and currently the only, Certified S.T.E.M. school in Louisiana




State Approved and Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools


Ascension Christian High exists to reach the youth of Ascension Parish for Christ through education. Ascension Christian High accommodates the 17.5 units of the TOPS Core Curriculum courses. In addition ACH offers electives that may include dual enrollment options with four year colleges and local community and technical colleges. With a simple Block schedule, Ascension Christian High offers students the opportunity to acquire up to 7 total credits per school year. All Math courses are taught throughout the year, August-May. Our commitment is to maintain small classes, a low student to faculty ratio, and the hiring of the best and brightest Christian teachers who are prepared to lead and serve in a fast changing world. Advance Placement, honors and non-honors courses are available. As well, ACH, in partnership with Southeastern University, offers options of over 40 college courses to its students whose scores and work ethic indicate college readiness. For more information about these college courses offered as part of the routine curriculum at ACH, please contact the Guidance Office at 225-622-2800. ACH is registered with the College Board and is an official ACT Testing Center. ACH offers students the opportunity to take the ACT on campus for every scheduled testing date. Space is limited and students are encouraged to register as early as possible.

After July 2014, Ascension Christian will switch to the ACT Aspire Test and will no longer use The Explore and The Plan.

Benchmarks for All ACT Tests Preparation for the ASPIRE Registration and Study Preparation for The ACT ACT Suggests How to Improve Your Current Scores. Ascension Christian teachers use these strategies in the classroom routinely to assist students in improving their testing performances. Strategies to improve in each subject area are listed on this link under “View or Print the Standards”